Have you ever had the situation where you provided a business client exactly the advice needed but wondered if they could successfully implement the business end? Or, maybe you knew implementation would happen but speculated if that implementation would go smoothly and/or maximize the business’ potential?   The question then becomes how much ongoing operational advice and oversight are you able to provide?   Outside of actually conducting onsite and ongoing detailed reviews of their operations, how do you best help your clients?

The critical first step in providing that assistance is identifying specific areas that need to be addressed in order to improve the client’s implementation.  Below is a sampling of questions you might ask which get to what I have found are some key areas of concern. These questions are based on the reason(s) the client came to you.

Buy-Sell Agreements

  • Have the partners or family discussed their long-term plans for the business?
  • Are there contingency plans should unexpected circumstances suddenly result in a partner’s absence?
  • Especially critical for family businesses, is there a succession plan and is the designated successor fully prepared to take on the leadership role? If not, have they initiated a plan to prepare the designated successor?
  • Are all these plans documented and key stakeholders understand their role in these plans?

The most difficult hurdle often is persuading clients to have the frank and reasonable conversations necessary to ensure the agreements are relevant and acceptable to all.   As I’ve noted previously, I employ time-proven techniques which engender trust and openness for these emotionally laden conversations.  In addition, having the shared experience of being part of a family-business expedites establishment of a bond and trust with clients.

Intellectual Property Protection

  • How will the client maximize the value of their patent, trademark or copyright?
  • Do they have a marketing plan which clearly defines goals, strategies and objectives?
  • Does their marketing plan include when to measure key benchmarks to ensure the marketing is on track or, if necessary, refine the marketing to ensure its success?


  • Did something in your client’s operations lead to this litigation?
  • What could the client have done differently to avoid the litigation? How can your client best incorporate your advice into standard operating procedures (SOPs) to avoid future problems?

Having identified the key areas of concern, how do you ensure the client implements your legal advice so they and their business achieve full potential?  I can help you and your clients make that happen.  Whether it be executive coaching or assisting with transition in a family business or developing a marketing plan, I work with business owners in identifying critical issues and then collaborate with them to develop plans they embrace as their own and thus implement successfully.  And, since I never charge for the initial consultation, you can feel comfortable in suggesting your clients meet with me so they can make the determination if we’re a good fit for their needs.

Call or email so we can set up a time to learn more about how I can help your clients.  Or, feel free to have your clients reach out to me directly so we can set up that initial consultation.  I can be reached by phone at 717.439.6254 or email at mark@StrategicBizGroup.com.