Mark Y. Sussman

Executive Coach & Mentor, Family Business Advisor
For 30+ years, Mark Sussman has provided leadership, motivation and perspective for all levels of management in the corporate, entrepreneurial and family business environments.  His advice has assisted Owners and CEOs to define goals for their company, develop plans to move forward and provide the accountability needed to achieve their goals.

Desiring to apply his entrepreneurial spirit in his own venture, Mark joined the family business Dance Distributors in 1993.  Under his leadership, Dance Distributors grew by over 325% and became a gold-standard for customer service.  Equally noteworthy, Mark worked with his family to develop a succession plan which resulted in the successful transition of management and ownership.  Mark sold Dance Distributors in 2007.

Mark received an M.B.A. from New York University’s Stern School of Business and is an adjunct professor at Penn State University. Mark, his wife Susan and their son, Jeremy, live in Susquehanna Township where he previously served as Director, Secretary and Policy Chair on the township’s School Board.

Mission Statement

To help businesses get from where they are to where they want to be.  We work directly with Owners and CEOs to refresh their perspective and clarify plans toward achieving their goals.



Mark Y. Sussman

In her book Maximum Marketing, Minimum Dollars, Kim Gordon described Mark as a “savvy entrepreneur” who “has come up with some brilliant ways to increase his company’s reach.”

Collaborative Process

Whether you are looking for a new perspective on how to grow your company; focused on specific challenges in your business; transitioning management to the next generation; or need to reinvigorate your marketing plan, the issues you face are unique to your situation and your business.  Understanding this, Mark collaborates with you to clarify these issues and develop relevant strategies, plans and advice.  The foundations of his collaborative process are:

  • Thorough Analysis: Interviews with all levels of management, staff and other stakeholders to achieve a broad understanding of your business.
  • Empathy: Use of active listening techniques to fully grasp the challenges you face in managing ongoing operations.
  • Broad Strategic Vision: Anticipating global and long-term consequences of actions and incorporating them into his advice.
  • Follow-Through: Continue to collaborate as needed in implementing recommendations and evaluating their effectiveness.



  • “One of the things I love about being a small business owner is the camaraderie. It is so important to growth to help and not hinder, to support and build up not tear down. One of the people who have helped and continues to help me both personally and professionally is Mark Sussman with Strategic Business Group. If you need advice, an outside perspective, insight into marketing or family business succession planning, he is wonderful and highly recommended.”    Jason Holland, Owner Travel Simplicity
  • “Every business is faced with challenges; however, family businesses have their own set of challenges. When you are related to everyone you work with, it’s hard not to let emotions run the business. Because Mr. Sussman grew up in a family business, he understands these challenges and has a wealth of knowledge in the field. It was extremely helpful to have someone from outside the family, with his background, to help to guide us through difficult decisions. Thank you Mr. Sussman for your continued support of my family business.”      Kimberly Shearer, M.Ed.
  • “Just want to thank you for diving into my and my company issues.  I am quite impressed with your handling of me and my objectives within my industry as I know I am not your typical client.”    Chad Bear, Owner Bear Necessities
  • “Working with Mark has been an extremely productive experience.  I have been clearer about my business, where I want to go, and feel encouraged to continue growing. I feel respected, encouraged, challenged and supported. I definitely recommend Mark for your business strategies needs. Your business challenges become his challenges and he is quick to think of ideas that help your bottom line.”  Librada, Sole Proprietor in York PA
  • Cody Wanner, Co-Founder & Partner CAP Collective LLC

  • “Mark has an excellent ability to organize and translate your ideas and lay them out on paper. Mark has played an extremely important part in my company’s future planning. I would highly recommend him and his knowledge.”   Chris, CEO in Lancaster PA
  • “Mark is a trusted business advisor. With his guidance, we transformed our business model to reflect our new economic realities. Through observation, listening, deft question asking, and investigation, Mark pinpointed deficiencies in our marketing strategy and recommended a profitable path forward. We are pleased to have benefited from his extensive business experience and acumen and we look forward to further collaborations as our business grows.”     Alan Adler, CEO Standout Designs
  • “I first met Mark years ago when he was the CEO of a catalogue and online dance specialty retail business. He took his family’s prior regional operation and turned it into a national success story. With that expertise under his belt, he has the expertise required to take small businesses to new levels. Mark is easy to work with and a great resource for business tips.”    Jan Matthew Tamanini,  JMT Law LLC
  • “Working with Mark, it’s clear he has a deep understanding of strategic business planning and family owned businesses. I appreciate Mark for his honest and insightful recommendations.”     Josh Smith, Owner PixelFundi LLC & Co-Founder