These Lessons Found truly are inspired from expected and unexpected sources.  For example, my favorite kaleidoscope inspired this Lesson Found.

I love kaleidoscopes.  I even have one in my computer-bag and regularly take “kaleidoscope-breaks”.  While this may sound silly, my kaleidoscope-breaks benefit my productivity and results in three key ways:

Calming: My stress level immediately decreases when I view the kaleidoscope.

Creativity: Creative thinking increases as I spin the kaleidoscope for different views.

Perspective: Kaleidoscope-breaks broaden my outlook and a change in attitude which are particularly beneficial when I’m “stuck”.

These benefits seem to emerge as the views change when I spin the kaleidoscope.  In reality, I understand these benefits likely derive simply from taking a break for a minute or two.  But anticipation of those beautiful views and the joy they provide give me the excuse to take those breaks.

The Lesson Found in my kaleidoscope-breaks is that every owner should find their own “kaleidoscope”.  I’m not suggesting everyone needs a kaleidoscope.  Rather, my recommendation is for every owner to find their own motivation to take regular breaks during the day.  The benefits I experience from my kaleidoscope-breaks will undoubtedly generate returns for you and your company.

Calming: Decreasing stress and breaking away from the daily barrage of decision-making alleviates decision fatigue, thus improving the quality of your decisions.

Creativity: Owners who believe that creativity doesn’t have a place in their company are fooling themselves.  Creativity drives innovation in every aspect of your business.  And innovation leads to continued and long-term success.

Perspective: Many of you have heard my personal example of perspective: While running my family’s business, there were days I felt like I was staring at one brick in a wall trying to figure out how to get around that wall.  Had I changed my perspective by taking a step back I would have realized the wall was only 4’ long and I could easily have walked around it.

Becoming part of a peer advisory group is the ultimate kaleidoscope-break.  Having other owners and CEOs who you can rely on is like being treated to 15 other views of a kaleidoscope.  Individual owners/CEOs come with their own perspectives they share with the group.  This process of working together on each other’s challenges and opportunities enhances creativity for everyone.  And taking the break to connect with peers who actually understand what your experiencing engenders calm and relief beyond measure.

If you’re interested in learning more, connect with me through email or by phone (717-439-6254).

And, next time you seem me, ask if I have my kaleidoscope so I can share it’s calming, creative and perspective-changing benefits with you.

Life brings us lessons every day.  Sometimes from expected sources.  And sometimes from sources and situations we never would have thought possible.  Either way, they are a gift found. I am fortunate to find these types of lessons regularly and wanted to share them with you with this weekly series of “Lessons Found”.
Did you recently receive the gift of a Lesson Found that has helped you with management, marketing or another aspect in business? I would love to hear about it. Comment below or send me an email to let me know.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Image by Dmitri Posudin from Pixabay.