The Small Business Forum: Meeting Format

“One of the toughest things about starting a business is the feeling of loneliness and isolation.   Here are some ways to burst through the loneliness:  Join peer business group; Build a trusted team; Plan regular networking lunches.”

Adapted from Martin Zwilling  on

The Small Business Forum breaks the isolation with …

          • A Peer Group: 5-6 members who own and operate a small business.
          • A Trusted Team:  Members who understand, support and offer advice to each other.
          • Regular Networking: Monthly meetings over breakfast or lunch.

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Monthly Meeting Agenda

  1. Follow-up: Previous presenters report on progress towards goals.
  2. Presentation:
    • Each month a team member presents a pressing issue. This “issue” may be a problem needing resolution, ideas to grow the business or anything else which assists the owner or business.
    • Style and manner of presentation are up to presenter.
    • The week prior to presentation, presenter and facilitator meet to review presentation for clarity and, if needed, recommendations for additional data.
  • Typical meeting:
    • 15 minutes: Networking
    • 15 minutes: Follow-up
    • 15 minutes: Presentation
    • 45-60 minutes: Team input and discussion

Additional Topics

  • Expert Speakers: Topics geared to the needs of the team with relevant professionals invited based on their expertise on the topic.
  • Business Evaluation Tools: Review and examples of appropriate uses of methods such as S.W.O.T. analysis, financial ratio analysis and forecasting.
  • Annual Evaluations: Business owners rarely receive feedback on communication style, performance and progress towards personal and business goals.  Team members annually provide each other this valuable feedback. This also provides a model for owners to use in annual evaluations of their own employees.
  • Mission & Vision Statements: Succinct statements characterizing a company’s guiding principles and intended future direction enhance branding, motivate staff to work together towards a common purpose, improve employee retention and provide clarity for development of business goals.  One session to be used for the development and review of these statements for members’ companies.

Contact us today to learn more and apply to be part of The Small Business Forum.